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Sisavanh Baker

Director of Human Rights and Ethics, Cook County

Sisavanh Baker is the Cook County Director of Human Rights and Ethics. In addition to leading a team to ensure the enforcement of human rights and ethics laws, Sisavanh works with community groups and other government stakeholders to study and advance human rights issues. Sisavanh is instrumental in developing an ethics agenda within Cook County government to encourage public honesty and integrity. She is also a fellow at the University of Chicago’s Civic Leadership Academy.


Sisavanh has held several roles in local government. She served as the Chief Legal Counsel for the Cook County Clerk’s office and the Chair of the Cook County Electoral Board. Among her tasks, she oversaw the Clerk’s office’s merger with the Recorder of Deeds and participated in administering the 2020 elections during the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior, Sisavanh was an Assistant State’s Attorney where she worked on appeals, Juvenile Justice prosecutions, Child Protection services, and ultimately as a Supervisor in the Civil Actions Bureau.  Sisavanh has led numerous high-profile lawsuits including the ban on same sex marriages, the Soda Tax, and the protection of the County’s sanctuary city status. Sisavanh graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa School of Law and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa.


Sisavanh’s greatest role and accomplishment is raising, with the support of her high school sweetheart, two thoughtful and conscientious children. They also share one rambunctious dog. In her free time, she enjoys long walks, gardening, and writing.

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